Installation instructions

Furniture marked with an M
in the price list will be
delivered as a flat pack.

For this reason, we recommend taking advantage of our expert installation service. You can order this when you complete your order form on the price list.

Want to build your furniture yourself?
The installation instructions are included with your delivery and you can also find them here:



PDF on replacing surfaces

PDF on converting cots to children’s beds

PDF on container with a door

PDF on container spacer plate

PDF on double bed

PDF on bunk bed

PDF on loft bed

PDF on play bed

PDF on glass door lock

PDF on installing a lock

PDF on shelf and extension rack

PDF on wardrobe with central partition, catch

PDF on wardrobe without central partition, catch

PDF on wardrobe

PDF on mounting a shelf

PDF on roller brake

PDF on rear-wall bottom-beam bracket

PDF assembling a base

PDF attaching table legs

PDF adjusting a door

PDF on children’s bed conversion set

PDF on linking containers

PDF on changing table





PDF on positioning individual elements

PDF on drilling templates

PDF on adjusting glass doors

PDF on height adjusters

PDF on desk

PDF on sideboard

PDF on stacking containers, inserting shelves

PDF on combining and positioning several containers, height adjusters

PDF on wall mounting of containers





PDF on CD cross installation

PDF on drawer installation

PDF on installation





PDF on attaching seat cushions

This is how the Flötotto installation service works:


Our customer service team will get in touch with you approximately one week before the delivery date specified on the order confirmation to arrange a delivery time. Our installers will unpack your new furniture in the place you specify, set it up, position it, mount and install the doors, handles and locks, remove delivery stickers and clean the furniture thoroughly. We will of course take all the packaging away with us.


Please note that our service does not include removing and carrying existing furniture and Flötotto furniture or the dismantling of lights, switches, sockets, skirting boards, etc.


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team on T +49 (0)5244 93950 0 or at