Let yourself be inspired. Our PRO tables, chairs (designed by Konstantin Grcic) and cupboards are just as versatile and adaptable as your requirements. Custom-made products and colours are available on request. The FLÖTOTTO property service advises, plans and implements your requirements on-site. You can contact us via


PDF: PRO - Furnishings for schools, universities and other educational institutions

PDF: Product proposal for schools


A modern classroom should inspire students to learn. It should allow movement on chairs, and tables should be able to be easily grouped according to requirements. It offers every age group the right chairs and tables to suit their height. Their colours also make it easy for them to be organised by caretakers or other hard-working helpers.


FLÖTOTTO furniture combines robust materials and a high ergonomic standard for healthy sitting. And the numerous design prizes that we have already won prove that we haven’t skimped on the design either.


FLÖTOTTO furniture is highly adaptable. The various PRO chair frames can be combined in a harmonious way because they are all equipped with the same PRO seat shell. This means the orchestra can play in small or spacious environments – and if you have guest performers, simply fetch chairs from another room. The overall effect is always a pleasing one.


Shelves that you can organise and store items on are our speciality. FLÖTOTTO furniture units offer you various shelving systems with inserts that help create order. Our furniture is as versatile as your requirements.


At FLÖTOTTO, you can get everything you need for your event, from a handcart or chair cart to row connectors and fire-retardant seat shells. We will even supply chairs in your desired colour for orders of 300 chairs or more, as well as weatherproof chairs for outdoors.


The PRO chair collection appeals by offering a play on colours that creates a particular feeling in a room - harmonious, fresh and vibrant. We would also like to whet your appetite for the matching PRO tables in various dimensions, shapes and materials. However, PRO chairs can also be perfectly combined with existing wooden tables, and we wouldn’t want to deprive you of that option. In other words, everything is possible with PRO, and it always gives rise to a modern, design-oriented style.


For staffrooms, FLÖTOTTO constructs individual wall units with organisational systems that are tailored to the requirements of your staff and organisational process. Here are a couple of examples. After all, it is particularly important that teachers have a chair during breaks that enables them to sit in a healthy and relaxed way after standing for a long time during lessons - namely, on PRO! Our PRO tables can easily be grouped in various ways for discussions and conferences in the staffroom.


Whether you’re in a school library, city library or university library, all you want to do is sit and work comfortably in order to quench your thirst for knowledge in peace. PRO tables and chairs offer varied, contemporary furnishing possibilities for libraries, classrooms and break rooms. At FLÖTOTTO you can also get customer-specific tables and chairs to meet your requirements. Guaranteed: a modern retreat for focused learning.


Different educational institutions require different storage units. In a nursery, you need cupboards for numerous toys, craft materials, mattresses and much more. In schools, you need storage for lesson materials, while in staffrooms lockers are required. Student halls of residence must be furnished cleverly in order to be able to store books, documents and personal possessions in a secure and space-saving way. We can realise all your requirements at FLÖTOTTO.


Stack, combine and reposition. There’s good reason why we talk about modular furnishings. Modular furnishings by FLÖTOTTO fit together harmoniously and give you the opportunity to redesign your rooms in new ways all the time. Simplicity with a system. You can find everything you need for anything from nurseries to universities. And if you can’t find the right thing, then we’ll build it according to your specifications. By the way, you can also buy beanbags from us.