CAMPUS - The world of student living and learning

FLÖTOTTO has offered durable furnishing solutions for institutional living for decades.


We have developed and perfected our furniture system for precisely this segment. And we are always ready to listen to your wishes. We also develop project-specific and individual furnishing solutions together with our customers at affordable prices. We always take into account function, design and your budget.



More and more students are looking for attractive, design-oriented and affordable living spaces. A functional lifestyle requires clever and sophisticated solutions with a high standard of design – and all in the smallest possible space. Providers of student accommodation look for long-lasting products, as well as service, quality and, above all, an economic solution for furnishing halls of residence.


We are used to offering our customers an all-round service. We would be happy to advise you, from the initial analysis of requirements and planning to realisation, delivery and installation. Our professional project management team guarantees an accurate service. You can rely on us: in the last 2 years alone, we have furnished over 3,500 student apartments.


Our wealth of project experience helps us know that new construction and furnishing projects must satisfy a wide range of interests, targets and budgets. With this in mind, we keep an eye on your needs and budget and develop a solid concept for durable and cost-effective furnishing.

Delivery and installation service

Whether or not customers are completely satisfied with a furnishing project is not just down to the quality of the furniture. We often ensure customer satisfaction by delivering when it comes to the many small, perfect details. Precisely planned logistics processes ensure that the ready-to-use furniture is handed over on time.

We offer you:
• Delivery when moving into new premises
• Delivery for refurbished and renovated residences
• Disposal of old furniture
• Delivery to apartments
• Delivery to your warehouse for installing by yourself at a later date







Our proven furniture range forms the basis of the residential complex projects we have already realised: CAMPUS AND OUR CLASSIC, THE PROFILSYSTEM.


These are complemented by the table-and-chair collection PRO, designed by Konstantin Grcic, which was developed on the basis of scientific studies. Our aim: to combine functional living with healthy sitting.



- Linear design
- Good price-performance ratio
- Various colours available
- Can be combined with the Profilsystem and Multiwallsystem

- Solid wood frame construction

- Very flexible
- Extremely robust and long-lasting

- Easy to repair by replacing individual furniture parts
- Can be expanded at any time or repurchased at a later date – proven quality for over 42 years!

The Flötotto property service advises, plans and implements your requirements on-site. You can contact us via



PDF: CAMPUS - The world of student living and learning

PDF: PRO - Furnishings for schools, universities and other educational institutions