The Quaro system is


Quaro started life as a square. From this basic shape, we have developed a furniture system whose elements can be combined individually. In this way, furniture for living, working and storage can be created. We call our cupboards, shelves, cabinets and sideboards ‘containers’. They can be placed in a row along a wall, mounted or stacked on top of each other thanks to the system dimensions of 73.2 × 36.6 cm. The furniture is just as beautiful and robust on the inside as it is on the outside. And if you decide that you want two doors to open out in different directions, all you need to do with most of our containers is simply turn them upside down.


The characteristic feature of all containers is the 45° bevelled edge that inclines towards the inside. This makes Quaro look light and sophisticated. The Quaro system is available in 16 standard colours. We can supply elements in every conceivable colour for a surcharge.


Quaro system containers are typical Flötotto furniture: flexible, individual, high-quality and perfect down to the finest detail. Just as you would expect from us. And nothing will change there.