Have you decided to order from us? Here you can find out what you need to

bear in mind when ordering Quaro.


When ordering larger container combinations, please send us a drawing so that

we can advise you with regard to the positioning of handles, door hinges and height adjusters.




All containers can be stacked and placed next to one another. Containers placed next to one another can be connected together using a sleeve bolt. However, if you wish to connect containers using screws, you will need to drill through the body.














In order to prevent containers slipping, we supply anti-slip pads with the containers that can simply be placed between them.














Rear walls always have a slight recess on the inside. This ensures that there is enough space for wall fixings. If containers are being used as room dividers and the rear will remain visible, we can supply a rear-wall cover plate on request that fits precisely into the visible frame of the body.













In order for the base for the sideboards to be positioned straight, the base is equipped with flat height-adjustable feet on the right- and left-hand side and in the middle. Each foot can be adjusted individually and at a later date.














Door stops indicate the body side on which the hinges for the door are mounted. The handles are mounted on the opposite side of the door.














Shelves comprise 15 mm thick, painted, wood-based material and have the typical 45° bevelled edge on the front. In order to prevent shelves from falling out, we only use shelf supports made from metal with a blunt spur element. Shelves are simply placed on the supports and thus fixed in place. The holes for the shelf supports are not drilled in the normal continuous grid layout on the insides. Instead, there are three drill holes in the upper and lower third of the furniture and two drill holes in the middle of the side wall.












In order to ensure that containers can be aligned precisely, all containers are supplied with height-adjustable feet. We differentiate between height-adjustable feet that can adjusted from inside the body and feet that can only be adjusted underneath the body. Feet that can only be adjusted underneath the body are the feet supplied as standard with furniture and can be flexibly placed next to one another or stacked on top of one another at a later date. For larger container configurations (from three containers next to one another), we recommend ordering the feet that can be adjusted from the inside. Important: Containers with mechanisms that are adjusted from the inside can only be used as floor-standing elements and not stacked on top of other containers.







We supply Quaro with a push-to-open-function (without handle) or with a brushed stainless-steel handle. The way that the handles are positioned depends on the positioning of the containers. When stacking, the handle positions might be different than when containers are placed next to one another. Please send us a sketch so that we can advise you as to the positioning of the handles.













All drawers are light grey inside, regardless of the outside colour of the container. Wide drawers are divided in the middle. All drawers can be fully opened and they close gently thanks to a soft-closing mechanism.















Glass doors have a thickness of 5 mm and are bevelled at the edges. Glass doors are available with clear or satin glass.










Almost all containers are available with a wall mount fitting; these are identified by a ‘W’ in the type list. Fittings for wall mounts are hidden behind the rear wall and are only visible from the front through two holes in the body. These two holes enable containers mounted on the wall to be precisely positioned. The holes are then covered with a matching-colour cap. Containers with a depth of just 30 cm and a door should always be affixed to the wall, as they can easily tip over when the door is open. For safety reasons, the second and third level of all stacked containers should always be fixed to the wall.











The four castors are made from plastic and are 50 mm high.