The 355 shelving system is delivered by us and can easily be installed by you. We’ll show you some of the steps you need to take here. Each S package comprises detailed installation instructions as well as sufficient fixtures and fittings to screw the elements together and cover the drill holes that the system comes with as standard. The L package also includes fittings, screws and dowels to prevent furniture from toppling over. All you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver and a rubber hammer. Accessories can be screwed into the shelf if required.


1. Prepare shelves, insert connectors


2. Drive in bolts with brass union



3. Insert bolts as far as they will go



4. Use the lock-and-key principle to connect the shelves together


5. Secure the connection



6. Screw in height-adjustable foot



7. Cover the standard drill holes if required


8. Cover connectors if required