The Profilsystem is available in an unlimited number of colour combinations for practicality.


The frame of the Profilsystem is available in natural beech, black and white. For a surcharge, we can supply the frames in any colour you want. There are seven colours available for surfaces. On containers, the surfaces – by which we mean all body sides, doors and shelves – are always in one of the seven surface colours. Drawers and shutters are always in the same colour as the profile wood, whether that’s beech, black, white or a specially requested colour.


The same applies to tables and tables with castors: the body sides, floors and framed table top will be the surface colour that you specify in your order. With beds, the frames are in a colour or in natural beech, while the head and foot area are the same colour as the surfaces. Bunk bed ladders, like the frame itself, are made from solid beech and are the same colour as the profile wood.


Surfaces of containers, tables with castors and beds are made from melamine-coated wood. The edges on the doors and shelves are protected by a robust, 2 mm thick, shock-proof ABS edge. White surfaces with profile wood in natural beech are more expensive than other combinations.




* Colours will shortly be unavailable.