New arrival! We name him Florian (the 33rd most popular first name in 1972).

Now we need a changing unit. And a cot. And of course, a bit of storage space (our containers).

We choose the completely brand new Profilsystem by Flötotto.

Beautifully simple. Simply beautiful. And – whether we know it or not – the start of a long story …



Florian is three. The top for the changing unit? Don’t need that anymore!

So the changing unit becomes a shelf – including the container (the things

you collect in three years!). And the cot becomes a child’s bed in the blink

of an eye …

PS Because Florian normally has a pen in his hand most of the day, for his

birthday he gets a stack of drawing pads almost as high as he is and a painting table.



‘I’m not a little boy anymore’. Time flies. Florian is six – and is off to school.

Big changes are around the corner. His grandparents give him a desk to mark

his first day at school. Time to redesign the room. No problem – you can get

a lot of rooms out of a Profilsystem.


Christmas was good. He got a remote-controlled Lancia Delta (“car of the year in 1980”, said Florian’s father to Florian) and a bunk bed. Plus three new containers. Florian is now nine but looks as though he is ten. And so does his room.


Something ends, something new begins. Florian has completed his secondary

school exams and is now studying in Hamburg. In terms of his living arrangements,

even though not all his containers fit in his little apartment, the Profilsystem is flexible

and timeless enough for him to make optimal use of the room. The furniture made

the move to Hamburg without a problem. The convertible bed that Florian was given

by his parents at the start of his studies is delivered to Hamburg. The bed serves as

a sofa during the day. As an aside: the bunk bed stayed at home.

Other family members will use that now. Florian’s younger brother, for example …


Another new chapter in life. His studies have been behind him for a couple of years

now and Florian has moved in with his girlfriend. This is the first flat they have shared

together. Lots of things have changed. Some things have stayed the same, like the

Profilsystem that is setting the tone in several places around the flat in new ways.

Florian has also bought a dining table and a bigger bed with a wardrobe for the flat.

Everything goes together perfectly …


Yes, he does. And she does, too. Florian gets married and moves into a house with his wife. The twins are born! Florian looks for the top to the changing unit and cot at his parents’ house and finds them.

Only one thing is missing now: a second matching cot. Florian orders the same bed again from Flötotto (no problem, there’s only 35 years between them).

A couple of containers from his existing furnishings enjoy a new life – as furnishings in the children’s room …


‘We aren’t little children anymore.’

Time flies. The twins are six – and are off to school …