Experience gained over more than fifty years has been incorporated into PRO: our family company started producing school furniture back in the 1950s. Within a short space of time, the name Flötotto became synonymous with a new form of dynamic seating thanks to the flexible, ergonomic seat shell made from PAGHOLZ®. The Flötotto shaped seat that accompanied generations is still a piece of sophisticated culture for every day and has secured Flötotto a place in design history. We have sold over 21 million chairs since 1950.



This wealth of experience has been incorporated into the development of an innovative model: the PRO chair. With its intelligent design, the PRO chair utilises the elements of the successful PAGHOLZ® model: in cooperation with internationally renowned designer Konstantin Grcic, we have taken up and mastered the challenge of developing a chair that combines functionality, ergonomics and design in a contemporary way. This has resulted in PRO, which integrates knowledge gained from the latest studies on active sitting: the polypropylene seat shell of the award-winning chair ensures constant movement when sitting and gets the user active. Versatile – ideal for your home, the property market or schools – PRO supports healthy sitting and brings together freedom, posture and design standards.







Design, mobility and ease:

a new chair familiy

that meets the highest standards.


Sitting still means sitting badly. PRO has a comfortably flexible seat shell and a circular seat. This allows PRO to support movement in all directions - and even encourages it. Which in turn has proven to encourage concentration and achievement potential.


For improved blood circulation, the seat is rounded. The narrow, highly curved backrest allows maximum freedom of movement for arms and provides optimal back support.



PRO is an open chair that does not dictate a sitting direction. You can also sit sideways on PRO perfectly or even straddle it. The curved backrest becomes a comfortable armrest in this case and does not cut into your arms unpleasantly.


Developed on the basis of scientific studies, PRO promotes active, dynamic sitting. And contributes to significantly improved, healthy sitting in the process.


We spend half of our lives at work. Sometimes in a classical office and sometimes in our home office. Reason enough to be discriminating when it comes to furniture. Chairs have special priority: office chairs, visitor chairs, our meeting chairs, etc. Because in the ideal case, they are a formal statement as well as an everyday comfort zone.


With PRO, Konstantin Grcic has developed a chair for Flötotto that follows state-of-the-art ergonomic design. And is a design pioneer at the same time. A chair whose construction not only allows movement in all directions, but actively stimulates it. For healthier sitting.

People who are sitting still are the only ones who can concentrate? The latest studies on "active sitting in schools" prove something else. Today we know that children learn most effectively when they are allowed to move feely. We need the opposite of "sitting still". PRO was developed against this background.


As soon as someone sits down on it, PRO initiates minimal movements that trigger decisive reactions: the inter vertebral discs receive a continual supply of nutrients. This stimulates and strengthens the complex back muscles. The spine has more than 100 joints and PRO keeps them in balanced movement.

Opinmäki School Finnland
Wirtschaftsgymnasium St. Pauli, Hamburg
Mondial College, Holland
Felix Fechenbach Berufskolleg
Felix Fechenbach Berufskolleg
Zentralmensa Uni Kassel
Oskar Maria Graf Gymnasium
Hongkong Academy
Hongkong Academy
Hans Boeckler Realschule
Medienhaus Osterholz

What does a chair have to do in order for us to welcome it into our house or flat? Firstly, its form has to please us. Its design has to appeal to us - to move us emotionally in the ideal case. And then it has to be comfortable. So comfortable that it still feels good to sit on it at the end of a long evening.


PRO fuses distinctive design with extraordinary sitting comfort. And this means it also meets the sophisticated demands of private living environments.


PRO: a chair that sets an architectural accent but remains able to adapt to a wide range of different interiors.


Everyone knows that children find it hard to sit still. Current studies also show that children can learn and sit considerably better and in a more focused way when they are able to keep moving. Our PRO children’s seats promote active, dynamic sitting and will also prevent your children from suffering from any possible problems relating to their posture. All PRO chairs are made in Germany in accordance with the valid DIN EN 1729 specifications and to the highest quality standards. PRO 4 also has the GS seal for proven safety.


PRO children’s seats are available in three sizes. The size table shows which chair will suit your child’s age:

The brilliant PRO-MATIC technology prevents back problems and supports performance and well-being in a quantifiable way.


The PRO-MATIC for the PRO Swivel Frame comprises a three-dimensional seat mechanism. It follows the free movements of the chair's users and provides sitting comfort that is both comfortable and flexible but also safe. 


The specially developed seat mechanism (damping system) gently accompanies every slight movement in all directions. At the same time, it flexes optimally with the seat pan and ensures safe and stable balance while seated. In contrast to so-called sitting balls, the user here is not occupied with the effort of trying to keep his or her balance. The use of the PRO-MATIC is completely intuitive – the user can concentrate fully and is not distracted by swaying or moving in the opposite direction.


The PRO-MATIC technology ensures the nervous system performs better over the long term, while the spine and discs are relieved and back muscles strengthened and stabilised.


PRO Four-legged wooden frame beech with A-Tabel
PRO STOOL Vierbeingestell
PRO CHAIR Swivel frame with A-table
PRO CHAIR Four-legged wooden frame beech
PRO CHAIR Swivel chair with armrests + PRO CHAIR KIDS swivel frame
PRO CHAIR Four-legged frame + PROFILSYSTEM desk
PRO CHAIR Swivel frame with armrests and seat cushion
PRO CHAIR Swivel chair + PROFILSYSTEM youth room
PRO CHAIR KIDS Swivel chair + PROFILSYSTEM Container
PRO CHAIR Four-legged frame + PROFILSYSTEM Bedroom
PRO CHAIR Four-legged wooden frame + PROFILSYSTEM hall furniture
PRO ARMCHAIR Four-star wooden frame oak + shelf SYSTEM ADD
PRO ARMCHAIR Four-star wooden frame oak + shelf SYSTEM ADD
PRO CHAIR with armrests and seat cushion + PRO CHAIR KIDS swivel chair
PRO CHAIR Swivel chair, PRO ARMCHAIR Fourstar-frame, PRO CHAIR KIDS Four-star wooden frame oak