A - Z Knowledge

Wood profile


The basic material used in ADD is solid whitewashed oak.

The 25 mm square profile, chamfered on all sides and painted with PUR paint, provides a stable screwed frame construction thanks to the patented connector nodes.










Body surfaces


All body surfaces are of the same high quality and are made from

melamine-coated MDF (price group 1) or have a finely textured

paint finish (price group 2). They are 6 mm thick.










Swap profiles and surfaces


ADD furniture is screwed rather than glued in place. Two- and three-dimensional

screw corner connectors make it easy to

swap profiles. All surface parts can be easily and flexibly clipped in or out using push-button technology.


















Shelves are made from 19 mm thick MDF that is either melamine-coated

or has a textured paint finish. Special plastic shelf supports can be

pushed into whichever hole you want along the continuous row of holes.

Each shelf support is equipped with a wide spur element and holds

shelves securely in place.












Handle-free functional elements


There are no visible handles on any of the functional elements; these have

a push-to-open function that gives the design a sophisticated look. Doors and drawers open easily and reliably with the lightest pressure.















The feet are made from ABS (brass unions encased in plastic) whose height can be adjusted from 31 to 41 mm. Height specifications for ADD furniture assume a height of 31 mm, including on the planning sheet.
















The opening angle of the ADD doors is 110°.

They can be opened without handles using the push-to-open function.
















The high-quality fully extendable drawers are

made from light grey wood and are not divided.

They can take loads of up to 30 kg.









Usable inside dimensions


Drawer in 40 width: H 145 × W 330 × D 358 mm
Drawer in 80 width: H 145 × W 730 × D 358 mm
Large drawer in 40 width: H 370 × W 330 × D 358 mm
Large drawer in 80 width: H 370 × W 730 × D 358 mm


Cover plates are supplied as one continuous element up to a width of 1,600 mm. Beyond this, they are supplied as separate elements. You can see which cover plates are supplied in which width by looking at the overview.

Cover plates are 6 mm high.


400 mm width cover plate: continuous or divided


















In order to give ADD its unique look, we have even ensured that

you can get connector nodes and fittings in different colours.


Please look at the overview to see which colours we have

specified for each surface colour and connector node.