The services and products at FLÖTOTTO are based on the following three pillars.



Our products and services are of high quality. Every day we strive to meet our own high quality standards. This applies to planning, production, our service – and communication with our suppliers, retailers and customers.


Sustainability shapes the way we think. Environmental protection, sustainability and energy saving are the hot topics of the day. Here at Flötotto we have been acting in accordance with these concepts for a long time. After all, the future is where we will be living and we bear a responsibility towards it. We are convinced that the good ideas we develop every day are not enough; rather, it is sustainable developments that give rise to good ideas. This is why we are always ready to do our best and be one step ahead of everyone else. We achieve this by using sustainable raw material sources, by recycling, reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency in our buildings and production halls.


We are based in Westphalia. This is where we produce our furniture. We bear a responsibility to this region – and have been rewarded by being able to use the ‘Made in Germany’ labels on our products.